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I Quit Dairy – The Easiest Way To Go Dairy-free (eBook)

I Quit Dairy – The Easiest Way To Go Dairy-free (eBook)


This book is the fastest & easiest way for you to go dairy-free

  • Go dairy-free in only 7 days
  • Save countless hours of research and recipe testing
  • Goodbye cramps, bloating and annoying side-effects
  • Hello to boundless energy and food freedom
  • Bring back your joy


What you will get:

  • Answers the 40 most commonly asked questions
  • 60 Quick & yum recipes
  • 20 Handy cheat sheets & practical check lists, incl. shopping list, swap guide, meal inspiration, time & money saving tips


How the book is structured:
The book is divided in 7 modules
1. Module:
- Quick & easy Pantry Reboot
- Breakfast recipes


2. Module:
- The basics of dairy-free living
- Self-made mylks (incl. my magical Love Mylk & an incredible sugar-free Cacao)


3. Module:
- Delicious ways to get all the nutrients
- Fool-proof guide to nut-based cheeses


4. Module:
- Locate the best dairy-free products (Shopping)
- Spreads & dips


5. Module:
- Why we believe dairy is natural, normal & necessary
- Pasta sauces for a quick dinner


6. Module:
- How to go out without missing out
- 5min smoothies & nice cream


7. Module:
- Strategies to stay dairy-free
- ‘Guarantee to impress’ desserts

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    Downloadable Cookbook

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