Meal Plan

"Let food be thy medicine.”


To support you focus on living the life of your dreams while eating delicious and healthy in no time.

Eating Healthy Made Easy

A healthy vegan diet can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases and strengthen your immune system. Plus you help counter act climate change and help our animals.

We are here to support you.


Over the past 4 weeks I’ve lost 3.5kg
(plus hubby lost 3kg as well) which now just feels like a side-effect.
My energy levels & happiness are on a different scale now.

- Ruth Plowes, Interior Designer, Brisbane

What kinds of challenges do I support people in working on?

People who join this mealplan often face one or more of the following challenges:

They have gut or digestive issues

They want to add more veggies into their diet

They feel exhausted or tired all the time

They suffer from sudden mood changes

They would like to lose weight

They want to cook without the headache of planning

They want more variety in their diet

They want guidance on what to eat

They like to have more energy

They want to feel and be happier

Who is this for?

This mealplanner is for you if:


You are committed to going plant-powered (aka vegan) and are looking for a fast track.

Your health practitioner recommended you go vegan.

You are excited to learn new easy & yummy recipes.

You are ready to improve your gut health and want to have more energy.

You feel overwhelmed by the amount of recipes on the internet.

You don’t have the time to create your own balanced and nutritionally sound meal plan and shopping lists.

You have heard about the benefits of a whole-foods plant-based diet and are curious to give it a go.

Cooking is not your strength and you are looking for quick and  easy yet yummy recipes.

You have been eating plant-based for a while and need some recipe inspiration.

Who is it not for?

This mealplaner is not suitable for you if:

  • You are happy with where you are in terms of your energy levels, mood and gut health.

  • You know exactly what to eat and have your shopping totally figured out.

  • You love putting together your weekly mealpan and writing your shopping list.

  • You are set in your beliefs that you have to consume animal products and are not open to trying something new.

  • You are seeking medical advice. In this case I recommend you see a doctor or health practitioner.


Over the years Kris has collected an incredible amount of knowledge on this topic and her natural ability to deliver content made it very easy for me to learn. To me it feels like Kris is doing exactly what she is supposed to be doing – helping people to find healthier food options their bodies agree with.
- Melinda Clark, Manager 3M

What will you get?

Quick recipes

Delicious meals in no time

Access 2,000 nutritionist-created and approved vegan recipes. Create your personalised meal plan based on your cooking skills, time to cook, allergies, kitchen tools and more.

Allergy friendly

Food that loves you back

Access your yes, yes, yes meal plan, instead of the normal no, no, no meal plans. Enjoy an abundance of delicious food while your body heals itself.

Shopping list

Ultimate convenience

Use our fully integrated shopping list directly on your mobile phone for peace of mind and convenience.

What's the investment?

Sign-up during our launch period and secure lifetime rate of:

only $22/month

or $147/year

If you are not happy with the mealplaner, we offer a 14 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.


Can I sign-up for the meal plan even though I have a food allergy?

Sure you can. During the set-up process we ask you for your preferences, simply choose all the foods your body or tastebuds don't agree with.  Plus all recipes exclude most of the common allergens, including dairy, egg and seafood. If you have further questions, simply contact us here.

Is healthy living expensive?

It doesn’t have to be. I’m a minimalist when it comes to the kitchen. Of course, if you already have some fancy kitchen tools, keep them. If you’re just starting out, a cheap blender will get you started. As with any lifestyle you always have the option to spend more but I will share heaps of cost saving hacks when it comes to kitchen tools, ingredients and lifestyle.