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Get empowered to heal yourself & live the life of your dreams

Hello Sunshine!

I believe everybody deserves to be happy & healthy. Are you done suffering
ready to fully own your health like a boss? Then you're in the right place.
I healed myself 
of chronic headaches, recovered from a major hip injury, 
lost 15kg and am reversing an 
auto-immune disease (Hashimoto).

Let me guess, you tried everything but still aren't feeling 100%? This isn't your fault.
I see you. I love you for your courage & can-do attitude.

Everything I do and create will give you the confidence, will-power and tools to make

your wildest dreams come true. Now that I have transformed myself, I love spending time with my family, travelling the world, speaking on stages, educating myself and of course creating new life-changing content for my soul family.

Sunny wishes,


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My Mission

" To empower every person in the world to joyfully live the life of their dreams, because everybody deserves to be happy and healthy "


Join a family that feels like home. A home with unconditional love as its foundation. A safe place where we can heal and it is safe to let down our shields of protection, a place where we can be who we truly are. This is a place where we thrive and rise together. A place where the life of our dreams becomes a reality.


Imagine a world where it is easy to make conscious decisions that are good for you, those around you and for the world . A world where everything is clear & transparent. This includes understanding labelling on products, like food, home cleaning and skin care products as well as your lifestyle choices.


You are the only person who can heal yourself. Get empowered with the tools, knowledge and confidence to act upon your personal values and make conscious decisions that support you. This is about reconnecting you with your inner Gut Guru, your intuition and allowing its voice to become your biggest cheerleader.

Don't take my word for it!


Kris gave me permission to dream again. She allowed me to see that there is another life for me out there, a life where I follow my passion and am supported.


*Results may vary and depend on the individual's circumstances

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