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1:1 Health Coaching

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true.
You may have to work for it, however"
- Richard Bach


To offer you an empowering guide who is always on your side helping you to reach your ultimate health goals faster.

What is the 1:1 coaching about?

This 1:1 coaching offers a personalised approach to helping you improve your health. I will be your partner on every step of your journey towards achieving your own health goals. We will start with building your custom health roadmap which covers all aspects of your health such as diet, lifestyle, workout, mindset, environmental factors such as toxins, as well as stress management. What the exact steps are depends on your individual situation, what you want to achieve and how committed and determined you are. From here we will work jointly on executing and constantly refining your health roadmap and step-by-step action plan until you have achieved your personal health goals.


For my 1:1 clients I am your coach, cheerleader and butt kicker, whatever it is you need. I will help you monitor your progress to make sure you stay on track. Whenever tough times arise, I will help you find your motivation to overcome difficulties but also challenge you to own your health and to constantly strive for higher goals. To fully support you on your own journey I will share all the tips and tricks which helped me on my own health journey, and together we will explore how these learnings can help you. You will receive further materials and resources to continue your own research. As I guide you through your health journey together we will adjust your health roadmap when course corrections are required. If helpful I can also connect you with additional professionals to further expedite your journey.

During our 1:1 coaching I will purely focus on you and your specific needs towards a happier and healthier life. No two 1:1 coaching journeys are the same as each one is tailored towards what you specifically want to achieve. The more energy and dedication you invest, the more you will get out of it.

Client Testimonial

I attended one of Kris’ Gut Health workshops. It was great to meet like-minded people who also wanted to change their habits, move to a healthier diet and become overall healthier.

- Paulina, Newcastle

What challenges do I help people overcome?

I support people with the following challenges to get them from where they are to where they want to be:

Feeling exhausted or tired all the time.

Suffering from sudden mood changes.

Has gut issues.

Wants to lose weight.

Would like to have clear skin.

Wants better health

Would like to have more energy

Wants to feel and be happier

Who is this for?


You are fully dedicated towards your health.

You want to achieve the maximum outcome.

You are looking for a partner who can be your coach, cheerleader and sometimes butt-kicker.

You are open-minded

You are looking for a holistic solution – integrating multiple modalities (such as diet, mindset, physical exercise etc…)

You know you will reach your goals faster if you work closely with someone who has achieved what you are looking for.

You are looking for an individual, structured pathway to health tailored towards your unique requirements which does not overwhelm you.

You have tried every diet, followed your health professional’s advice and still haven’t achieved your goals.

You are willing to take ownership of your health and committed to build new lasting habits.

Who is it not for?

This is not suitable for you if:

  • You are happy with where you are in terms of your energy levels, mood and gut health.

  • You know exactly what your next steps are in terms of improving your overall health.

  • You are set to your beliefs and are not open-minded.

  • You are seeking medical advice. In this case I recommend you see a doctor or health practitioner.

What will we cover?

To get the most out of our time, we will:

1. Build your custom health roadmap, covering:

a. Ultimate health goals and interim milestones.

b. Lifestyle-hacks.

c. Diet recommendations.

d. Exercise regime.

e. Mindset practices.

f. Easy household detox plan.

g. Stress management tips.

2. Monitor your progress and update required actions to achieve your next milestone.


3. Unleash your motivation and find solutions to overcome difficult situations.


4. Challenge you to strive for higher goals.


5. I will guide you along your journey and inspire or challenge you according to your needs.

Client Testimonial

I always have trouble committing to programs but since I admitted to you that I was struggling, I become more focused and determined and I know I will eat well and exercise heaps.

- Gai C, Sydney
1 on 1 client, Lifestyle Coaching

What will you get?

You will get empowered to live the life of your dreams and heal yourself. Through our regular one on one coaching calls and ongoing support you always have a cheerleader, but kicker and coach on your side.


We recommend the structure below for optimal success. However, depending on your personal needs, you can also book individual modules separately or a package of a minimum 4 hours.


Planning            Transformation           Integration



1 x 90 minute health strategy session.

Gives you clarity on your personal health goals, determines your custom health roadmap (link) and actionable next steps.



Set of 3 x 60 minute calls per month over 3 months.

We will work through your challenges and set you up with the right tools to achieve your goals. This is a real kick start, high intensity, fast-paced program which offers constant feedback. In between our coaching sessions, I provide support to you over email and phone.



1 x 60 minute call per month over 6 months

We continue to work through your challenges and ensure that your new habits stick.

Once your healthy foundation has been built, we will go deeper and look at other aspects of your health. This will allow you to achieve unprecedented levels of health. In between our coaching sessions, I provide support to you over email and phone.


Additional ad-hoc coaching

60 minute call

Meet Kris

kris small circle.png

Kris Goetz is a business and lifestyle coach, HypnoFertilitist, author, TEDx speaker and CEO / founder of I Quit Dairy. She has learned from thought leaders such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lynsi Eastburn and Louise Hay whose guidance helped her to cure her chronic headaches, a major hip injury and lose 15kg. Kris regularly speaks at health and wellness symposiums in Australia and Europe. Many people who work with her have improved their health, lost weight and gained more energy.
What Kris is most passionate about, is re-connecting people with the life of their dreams and empowering them with tools so they confidently walk their unique path, turning their dreams into reality.

Location and Dates

Ideally this session will take place via Skype or phone at a mutually convenient time.

How do you get started?

I only accept 8 x 1:1 clients at any one time, so please register for our 30-minute FREE call to assess whether we are a winning team to achieve your health goals.

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