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Become your own Gut Guru

"70% of your immune system is in your gut!
Make the first step: Educate yourself


Create lasting habits and gain energy by improving your digestion in a way that fits into your lifestyle in an empowering, joyful and supportive way.

What is this workshop about?

In this program you will gain access to my favourite tools, frameworks and structures which will you to navigate your own path to health and happiness through the jungle of conflicting information. We will cut out the BS and you will finally see clearly what your next steps are. Together, with only a little effort, we will build individual habits and routines that work best for you.


During our bi-weekly calls we will cover all topics impacting your gut, your health and ultimately your mental wellbeing. The topics include:

  1. Mindset

  2. Diet

  3. Exercise

  4. Sleep and Breathing

  5. Toxins and Environment

  6. Self-love and Relationships

  7. Career / Passion

With the support of our community and health professionals, infused with heaps of fun, you will quickly realise that being happy and healthy is the key to transforming your life and achieving your personal goals.

Client Testimonial

I joined the Gut Guru program at a time when I had already experienced many years of chronic illness and explored many healing modalities. This program was jam-packed with a wide-range of expert information (that I hadn’t come across before), practical tools and yummy meal plans. And I received so much value from the experience. The bonus was the permission to dance around my kitchen every day, since that’s what my inner gut guru was asking for!

Thank you Kristin for sharing your innate ability to
bring us back into joy; your zest for cooking; and
your inspiration for healthy life upgrades that kept
everyone going long after the program!

- Laura Kurataya, Screenwriter and Director *

What challenges do I help people overcome?”

People who join this program often face one or more of the following challenges:

Feeling exhausted or tired all the time.

Suffering from sudden mood changes.

Has gut issues.

Wants to lose weight.

Would like to have clear skin.

Wants better health.

Wants to know which products to buy and how to use them

Would like to have more energy.

Wants to feel and be happier.

Who is this for?

This empowering 8-week program is for you if:


You are open-minded and ready for change.

You know there is a healthier you out there and you want to have it.

You have a busy life. 

You don’t have the time to wrap your head around all the information out there about gut health and are looking for a structured approach.

You are overwhelmed by the conflicting information that’s available on gut health. 

You are interested in learning about a holistic solution because you feel that health is more than just eating the right foods. 

You want to take ownership of your health and you are looking for a habit-changing program that fits into your life.

You are sick of yet another detox, which is simply about giving up stuff. 

Who is it not for?

This is program not suitable for you if:

  • You are uncommitted and not willing to step out of your daily routine to optimise your health.

  • You are happy with where you are in terms of your energy levels, mood and gut health.

  • You know exactly what your next steps are in terms of improving your overall health.

  • You don’t like to smile or laugh.

  • You are set to your beliefs and are not open-minded.

  • You are seeking medical advice. In this case I recommend you see a doctor or health practitioner.

What will we cover?

  • Actionable habits for all aspects concerning your gut health.

  • We give you the building blocks to become your own gut guru.

  • The incredible role of your gut on all aspects of your life.

  • An introduction to the not-talked-about factors that impact your gut health.

  • Clear strategies on how you can sustain gut health even in your busy life.

  • We’re in this together – we’re a team and look after each other.

  • This is not a teaching class – this is about getting YOU into action – empowered through our structured guidance.

  • Learn from three of my go-to gut health experts.

  • How gut health impacts a lot more than just your health, learn about the impact on your job, relationships and wealth.

  • Get your Gut Guru workbook and checklist that will keep you on track.

Client Testimonial

Simply a total live changer.

- Cindy Lavis, Sales Consultant, Scholastic

What will you get?

  • 16 webinars with Kris

  • 3 expert interviews

  • Discounts on my other services

  • Ongoing support via our private telegram group

  • Gut Guru workbook with checklists and cheat sheets

  • Gut friendly meal plan and shopping list

  • Exercise plan with videos


Each week we focus on a different area of your gut health. On our Monday calls we will go through the content and discuss your actions and objectives for the week. On Thursdays we will have a Q&A call. For ongoing support, inspirations and discussions, you are welcome to join our private Facebook group.

Preparation: Gut Guru 101

  • How your gut influences your whole life

  • What is impacting your gut health

  • Individual goal setting

Week 1: Mindset

  • Learn how your mindset can support your gut health and vice versa. A healthy gut is the basis for a happy mind.

  • Manage stressful situations with our simple tips and tricks to detach from the situation and stay focused on your personal goals.

  • Make better decisions, become self-aware and confident with who you are. 

Week 2: Diet

  • Learn which foods support your gut healing process and fuel you with energy so that you can achieve your personal goals in an optimal time.

  • Learn which foods and eating habits do not support you.

  • It’s so much more than what you eat, it’s also how you eat.

 Week 3: Exercise

  • Learn about the connection between exercise and gut health.

  • Find an exercise regime that works for you.

 Week 4: Sleep and Breathing

  • Effective sleep is a key to ongoing health and success. Tips and tricks for sleeping deeper, waking up fitter and achieving more.

  • Oxygen is what keeps us alive and helps our cells to regenerate. Learn how to get more energy and inner strength from breathing more effectively.

 Week 5: Toxins

  • Going back to basics, reducing the toxins that we take in through our skin and saving money along the way.

  • Recipes to quick and easy DIY products (facial peeling, whitening toothpaste, shampoo and perfume).

  • Understand what to look for when shopping for make-up or other skin care products - get my list of trusted products.

Week 6: Environment

  • Learn how your environment can support or hinder your gut health.

  • Make your individual environment toxicity assessment.

  • Learn easy tweaks on how to integrate more gut healing elements into your personal environment.

Week 7: Relationships and self-love

  • Unleash your own healing power and love yourself unconditionally. 

  • Reflect on your current relationships.

  • Get empowered to call in your ultimate support team.

Week 8: Career and Passion

  • How to enject more joy & purpose into your current job

  • Find out what your dream job is

  • Get empowered to call in your dream company / create the business of your dreams

  • Learn how to balance multiple passions & talents 

Meet Kristin

kris small circle.png

Kristin Goetz is a business and lifestyle coach, HypnoFertilitist, HeartMath+ pracitioner, meditation coach, author and TEDx speaker. She has studied with thought leaders such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lynsi Eastburn and Louise Hay whose guidance helped herself and fully step into her inner power, guided by her inner voice.

Kristin regularly speaks at health and wellness symposiums in Australia and Europe. Many people who work with her have improved their health, lost weight, gained more energy and welcomed (long) desired children into their family.
What Kris is most passionate about, is re-connecting people with the life of their dreams and empowering them with tools so they confidently walk their unique path, turning their own dreams into reality.

Location and Dates

The next program will start in 2023. If you are interested please click the button below, send us an email and we'll put you on the waitlist.


Is there any support afterwards?

Yes of course! You start your journey with us, so we’ll stay in touch. There are many ways you can get support even after your program access is over. 

Telegram: Stay a member of our private group, exclusive to our participants.

Course Workbook: You will get the full course book, with all recipes, cheat sheets, check-lists etc.

Workshops: You can also join one of Kris’ workshops and live events. More about this here

One on one Coaching: If you are looking for deeper ongoing support from Kris on your own health journey you can choose to work with her 1:1. During the 8 week program you will get a special 50% discount on her adhoc 1:1 lifestyle coaching. Seats for this are strictly limited.

Can you participate even though you have a food allergy?

Sure you can. The recipes typically do exclude most of the common allergens. They are vegetarian and free from dairy, gluten and egg. You are always free to add what you like to depending on your personal circumstances. Contact us if you have any  program related questions,

Can I do the workshop with a friend?

Your friends are my friends and they’re more than welcome!!! I believe in going through change with loved ones so please YES, do it together.

Is healthy living expensive?

It doesn’t have to be. I’m a minimalist when it comes to the kitchen. Of course, if you already have some fancy kitchen tools, keep them. If you’re just starting out, a cheap blender will get you started. As with any lifestyle you always have the option to spend more but I will share heaps of cost-saving hacks when it comes to kitchen tools, ingredients and lifestyle.

Also in the recipes I took care to focus on 'normal' ingredients.

* Results may vary and depend on the individual’s circumstances.

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