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Mon, 02 Jan



3Keys® HypnoBirthing (5 weeks program)

3Keys® HypnoBirth enables you to birth as designed & intended by nature. Because the Art of Birthing is not lost, it is at your finger tips.

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3Keys® HypnoBirthing (5 weeks program)
3Keys® HypnoBirthing (5 weeks program)

Time & Location

02 Jan 2023, 11:32 pm AEDT


About the event

I'd like to personally welcome you to our 3Keys® HypnoBirth program. (Please send me a message to kris(at) to have a chat and see if this is right for you.)

What is the 3Keys® HypnoBirth program about?

The foundation of our program is Hypnosis. Our mantra is Happy Mom, Happy Baby. Because ANY birth is a celebration of life.

There are many courses out there and people telling you what and how to do birth and this is what many people are looking for... the energy in our program is very different... We believe that each birth is an initiation, a ceremony. We acknowledge your individual connection with your baby physiologically as well as energetically. 3Keys® HypnoBirth method is a precision blend of science and spirit that addresses the entire being—mind, body, and spirit. During our 5-week program we help you tune into your body and align with your baby. You will learn powerful tools to remain in harmony with both throughout your labour and birth, enjoying the birth experience that is just right for you. Birth is nothing you do... it is something that unfolds. We know that every birth is unique, very personal and can even a spiritual journey. The more intune you are, the better, so you can create the best possible birth experience. If you feel called to enter motherhood in an empowered way this course has been designed for you.

Hypnosis (when properly understood and utilised)...

  • is known to be the antithesis of stress, allowing you to move from fight or flight response into its antidote—feed and breed or rest and digest, releasing endorphins—your body’s natural anaesthesia.
  • frees you of fear-induced resistances.
  • enables you to be fully present with your labour, conversant (if you like) and in good spirits.
  • reactivates natural birthing instincts.
  • allows you to remain totally relaxed, yet fully in control.
  • if you are asked a question or need to make a decision, you will be able to do so from a place of clarity, tuned in to your body and your baby.
  • links and supports all facets of peaceful childbirth.
  • is incomparable to any other childbirth tool.

...Hypnosis is way more than general relaxation.

Who is this course for?

  • You are pregnant (ideally between weeks 18 and 34).
  • You are open minded and know that there is more to childbirth than the physical process.
  • You are looking for an empowering program that includes mind, body and spirit.
  • You know about the power of the mind.
  • You are looking for a heart-centred facilitator who has studied the power of the mind for more than 20years.
  • You want to connect with like-minded birth goddesses on their journey.
  • You are looking for a space where your partner is welcomed as well.

What kind of births do we support?

3Keys® HypnoBirth recognises that not everyone wants a natural birth, nor does everyone have the option.

While it is a hypnosis program to assist natural, vaginal birth, it is also a comprehensive, user-friendly process that utilizes essential hypnotic techniques which complement all birth scenarios.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and let's have a chat (kris(at)

Who this course is not for?

  • You already know everything.
  • You are uncommitted and not willing to learn something new.
  • You don’t like to smile or laugh.
  • You are looking for the magick wand and are not willing to put in any effort.
  • You are set to your beliefs and are not open-minded.
  • You are seeking medical advice, are looking for a childbirth education class or expect nutritional advice. In this case we recommend you see a doctor or health practitioner.

Why is this courses delivered only virtually?

  • Hypnosis works with the mind, not the physical body, therefore an evironment where you feel fully relaxed, comfortable and supported is crucial. What better place than your own home?
  • This is also where, most, if not all, of your labour will happen.
  • During early labour, at home, you will easily remember certain parts of the course due to the familiar environment - it may feel as if the program literally happened IN the comfort of your own living room.
  • Less stress, hassle and time pressure on your side to get to the venue, look for a parking spot etc. so you can ease into each call with a cup of your favourite tea.
  • We are experienced in creating interactive classes that may even feel more intimate than physical classes.
  • You get to watch the replay anytime you like as often as you like.

How is the program structured?

  • We meet weekly online via Zoom
  • Dates: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th July and 5th August
  • Time: Thursday 7.30-9.00pm (Sydney-time)
  • Weekly topic:
  1. Self-empowerment with 3Keys® HypnoBirth
  2. Eliminating Fear with the 3Keys® Method
  3. Preparing for birth
  4. Birthing in harmony
  5. Post-partum recovery and healing

What you will get from your 3Keys® HypnoBirth Program?

  1. Five 90-minute virtual group meetings (Zoom video calls)
  2. 30min one on one with Kristin
  3. Hypnoses in every session (total of five)
  4. Free ticket for one support person
  5. Recordings of all your group calls and hypnoses to listen to in your own time
  6. A powerful rapid self-hypnosis technique you can use any time, to rapidly access the exceptional relaxation state that only hypnosis can produce
  7. A call dedicated to post-partum, incl. post-partum-specific hypnosis, preparation and guidance for this precious time
  8. Ongoing support via our private telegram group
  9. 3Keys® HypnoBirth Summary with checklists and cheat sheets

About  3Keys®  Method

The three keys to a beautiful pregnancy,  to birth, to all of life really are:

With these 3Keys a mother has the ability to unlock the peaceful, empowering and spiritual birth she desires. With this in mind, Lynsi Eastburn, the creator of the original HypnoFertility®  and  the 3Keys®  Method, co-created the 3Keys®  HypnoBirthing program with Hayley Middelton, our very own BirthGoddess. In the process they combines Lynsi's scientific and spiritual expertise of 25+years supporting women get and stay pregnancy all the way to birth and into motherhood with Hayley's experience and guidance during the birth of her daughter in 2020 utelising the power of hypnosis. 3Keys® HypnoBirth is as much a philosophy as a process. Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby is our utmost priority, and finely tuned hypnosis is the crux of the program. The concept of hypnosis for calm, peaceful childbirth is not new; it has been used medically for more than 100 years and is supportive of births of all kinds—from natural, unmedicated, vaginal birth through cesarean section, and everything in between.

About your host

Kristin Goetz  has studied how the mind works for the past 20 years, holds a master degree in waking hypnosis (UNSW), is certified in 3Keys® HypnoBirth and HypnoFertility (personally trained by Lynsi and Hayley), Shiviti yoga meditation coach, HeartMath+ practitioner, author and TEDx speaker. She has learned from thought leaders such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lynsi Eastburn and Louise Hay. Until 2020 Kristin was a regular speaker at health and wellness symposiums in Australia and Europe (like Mind Body Spirit), connecting hundreds of people with their perfectly healthy selves in sell-out workshops and one on one sessions. Today she is devoted to the Pink StarLights (our precious new generation) and follows their guidance. Kristin uses her training and abilities as intuitive empath to help women get and stay pregnant all the way to the celebration of birth and into motherhood. The most rewarding service she could ever have imagined.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the program.

If you would like to meet Kristin before you join or have any questions, we love hearing from you via email kris(at)

In Love and Magick,

Kristin xx

Session overview in details:

Week #1

  • Discovering 3Keys® HypnoBirth for easier, more comfortable birthing
  • Learning the basics of hypnosis that are essential to successful HypnoBirth
  • Finding out exactly how the mind influences the body and how you can use this to your advantage
  • A powerful hypnosis experience designed to clear your subconscious mind and free you from limiting beliefs, preconceived notions about birthing, negative thought patterns, emotional imprints, other people’s projections/expectations, and anything else that could potentially set you up for disappointment

Week #2

  • Prenatal Bonding—you and your baby ARE connected and how that applies to labour and birth
  • Preparing your mind and body for birthing
  • Essential HypnoBirth breathing techniques
  • Hypnosis session tying it all together

Week #3

  • Your journey into motherhood
  • Preparing to welcome your baby
  • Helpful tips for partners
  • Birthing empowerment hypnosis session

Week #4

  • Birthing your baby
  • Labour signs and signals
  • Calm birthing process
  • Link between energy centers (aka chakras) and pregnancy and birth
  • Hypno Birth – Birthing your baby hypnosis session

Week #5

  • From Baby Blues to Baby Bliss (up to 75% of moms suffer with “baby blues” and 15% end up with PPD—hypnosis can help)
  • Post-partum need-to-knows
  • Comfortable body recovery
  • Sleep support
  • Lactation support
  • Navigating the first weeks as a new mom
  • Post-partum-specific hypnosis session


  • BirthGoddess

    5 week program incl 5 group calls, 5 powerful hypnosis recordings

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