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My Mission


“Focus on building the new not fighting the old.”


“To empower every person in the world to joyfully live the life of their dreams, because everybody deserves to be happy and healthy”


You are here to live the life of your dreams.

So, how do you get there?

DREAM – Visualize the life of your dreams — feel into it and remember who you truly are. Dive deep into your HEART and see clearly. With love & gratitude LET GO of what no longer serve you, those things, stories and believes brought you to where you are today. Then UNLEASH your inherent powers. Take full OWNERSHIP of your life, your health and your happiness.


Focus on BUILDING THE NEW not fighting the old.


Start everything from a place of LOVE – because love always wins.

Inject JOY into everything you do – because life is meant to feel playful.


EMPOWER yourself. Learn from thought leaders and those who already achieved what you’re working on. Seek TRANSPARENCY, cut through the BS, look behind the scenes and ask the tough questions. Feel the TRUTH in your heart and allow your INTUITION to guide you, don’t be afraid, lean in and TRUST that you are on the right path. STEP BACK and allow MAGIC to happen.

For healing and inspiration connect with MOTHER NATURE. Enjoy her beauty, her perfection, her creation. CONNECT with her, ground yourself—ask, watch and LISTEN carefully. Learn from her and use the healing powers she surrounds you with.


Check-in with your INTUITION so you can Make CONSCIOUS decisions that bring you closer to your goals.


Act with INTEGRITY and always WALK YOUR TALK.


Take ACTION, reflect and learn. SPEAK UP, share your truth so you can help others. Stay flexible and continuously adapt to CHANGE.


Call-in your SOUL FAMILY, people who lift you, challenge you, encourage you. Those who believe in you, who know that you can reach your goals and turn your dream into reality. These people SEE YOU for exactly who you are TODAY— the dream version of yourself, the true you.


Grow through the power of COLLABORATION—collaboration with yourself, mother nature, the universe and of cause your soul family.


TOGETHER we will thrive and live the life of our DREAMS.



Our three core values

1. Family

“The problem with our world is that we draw the circle of family too small.” Mother Teresa


I am very grateful for my family. They always saw me for who I truly am. They believed in me, supported me, challenged me and a strong cord of love and trust always connects us wherever we are. My family made me who I am today.


My family gave me roots—deeply grounded in love. So, I always know I am safe.

My family gave me wings—wings of freedom. So, I can explore whatever I desire.


Now I want to share this gift. Therefore, I am calling-in my soul family.


This family is deeper than a tribe, community or group. It is a home, with love as its foundation. A safe place where we can let down our shields of protection, a place where we can be who we truly are, a place without past and future.

Welcoming—Non-judgmental—Unconditional—Honest—Healing—Celebrating—Caring—Supporting—Uplifting—Believing in one another.


This is not a place for procrastination, this is a place where we thrive and rise with each other, build each other up. A place where the life of our dreams becomes reality.


Just like a family there are times we spend together, there are times when we venture off yet it is always safe to return.

2. Transparency

“Crisis is our brand”

Just like the movie our world is dominated by fear, confusion and in-transparency. It is no longer easy to see clearly—to differentiate truth from lie. We are confused which diet to follow, we are scared by the daily news, we hand over our health to the pharma industry and we feel hopeless about how our society is treating people, animals and the environment in order to continuously provide cheaper products that may give us joy and happiness. We thrive for goals we don’t really care about. We feel lost, overwhelmed and unable to move.


Our society has been brainwashed. We can no longer differentiate truth from lie and we are too busy to assess every piece of information we receive.


“I see clearly?” – My favourite affirmation.


Are you ready to see clearly?

Seeing clearly starts by questioning the information we get, the sources, the data. Assessing their relevance and the motivation behind. It’s about taking ownership of your beliefs.

Are you ready to face your shadows, to accept your fears? See how you are responsible for the world you see. Are you ready to see your potential, ready to dream again and turn those dreams into reality?


What we focus our energy on grows, hence fighting the old simply strengthens the status-quo. On our path, when we focus all our energy on creating the new, in alignment with our values, acting with full integrity, that’s how make our dreams come true.

3. Empowerment

With all the information we take in on a daily basis it is hard to look through all the marketing messages even if you are trained—it is hard to see clearly. Empowerment is key to making conscious decisions, a skill we lost along the way. True empowerment is providing you with the tools, determination and confidence to first see clearly and then act upon your personal values.


We all have the ability to detect what is the truth and what is a lie – we can feel it in our heart. This is true for food choices, your job as well as your health and happiness. I know that you are the only person who can heal yourself – only you know the medicine you need. You already have all the answers within you. What you need is to re-connect with that inner voice, your intuition, your Gut Guru—amplify the voice of your inner cheerleader.


True empowerment is unconditional, true empowerment is about letting go and allowing others to shine & lead.
It is like a mum teaching her child to ride the bike. First, she holds the bike tightly and guides with tips how to balance, soon the grip get looser, soon she’s only on the side watching until the child happily rides its own way.


It’s about discovering your tools and practices to balance in every situation until it becomes second nature. When we have our toolkit, we can make conscious decisions, know when and how you are manipulated, and can move beyond this.


When we are clear on our values and know how to act upon them in full integrity and unapologetically follow your intuition to make our dreams come true—that’s when we are ready to leave the nest and show others the skills you’ve learned—using our language, so they can heal themselves too and live the life of their dreams.

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