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Happy Baby



We help you get and stay pregnant
and celebrate the birth of your baby

Hello Beautiful!

Is your baby waiting in the wings?

Do you feel that there is a baby waiting for you, despite a potentially long and challenging journey?

Congratulations for swinging by, this is a big step.

The women I typically work with are true wonder women. They are somehow mastering their career or business, family and friends while navigating their (often lonely) fertility journey. 

Have you lost hope? Do you need someone who believes in you?


Personally trained and mentored by Lynsi Eastburn, the founder of 3Keys® HypnoFertility (the gold standard in hypnosis for fertility) I am here for you. Let us use hypnosis, a rapid healing technique, to unleash the power of your mind-body connection

Let us find your path into motherhood by using the tested and proven 3Keys® Method.

Whether you're planning to conceive naturally, using IVF or other methods, we walk the path together.

Let's have a chat and check whether we're a winning team.


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Your support, to get and stay pregnant, all the way to birth and into motherhood

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